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Softwash Roof and Exterior cleaning and Pressure washing services

Deck Cleaning

If your deck looks gray, dull or dirty, UpNorth Softwash can help! Each type of deck material has a special way of cleaning it, and we’ve studied it. Whether it is a wood deck, composite deck or another kind of specialty material or wood, we know the proper deck cleaning techniques to withhold the integrity and restore your deck with a beautiful luster.

UpNorth Softwash uses professional processes, equipment and products to make your deck look like new. While performing the wood deck cleaning, we allow our speciality detergent to dwell, this process kills mold, algae and spores and also penetrates the surface so no regrowth occurs.

Never let anyone put high pressure to try to clean your deck! It will cause splintering and furring. Don’t just trust your deck to anyone, make sure they understand the processes required to safely and effectively perform the cleaning. Protect your investment by washing your deck wood with UpNorth Softwash.

Before and after deck cleaning
Before and after deck cleaning