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Softwash Roof and Exterior cleaning and Pressure washing services

Concrete & Driveway Cleaning

Let us make your driveway look like new! Our driveway cleaning services will amaze you with the before and after pictures we’ll take. 

In Traverse City, snow and freezing temperatures can be particularly hard on concrete. Over time, any form of precipitation can cause the top surface of concrete to chip and/or flake. The flaking leads to tiny cracks which then fill with water during the seasons freezing and then thawing.  Eventually, larger cracks will form and plant growth may become a larger issue. 

Prolong the life of your concrete driveway by cleaning and sealing it on a regular basis. This process involves more than just grabbing and pressure washer and doing it yourself. You can actually damage your concrete if you do not use the correct amount of pressure. 

Give UpNorth Softwash Pressure Washing Services a call to schedule a free estimate at (231) 499-3478. We only use the most efficient equipment and have the knowledge to properly clean your concrete driveway.