Roof Cleaning

You can extend the life expectancy out of your roof by having it professionally soft washed by UpNorth Softwash. 

Most pressure washing companies simply blast away algae, mold and debris with their high pressure washing system. This system will cause damage to your roof and shingles! 

Our unique soft washing cleaning process removes the bacteria, moss, mold and dirt from your roof by using a mild detergent and letting it do this work instead of high water pressure. We soft wash your roof with a mild detergent to remove streaks and other stains from your shingles making it look like new.

Roof cleaning can be dangerous so leave it to the professionals. We are trained and certified in soft washing and would love the opportunity to make your roof look spectacular. 

When you're looking for roof cleaning on your residence or commercial building and want expert cleaning - call UpNorth Softwash (231) 499-3478.